Tuesday, September 6, 2016

REVEALED: Important Tips When Hiring An SEO Company

What are you doing to establish an online presence that is profitable for your business? If you simply aren’t, then your competitors are capitalizing on the opportunity at your expense. Proper implantation of effective SEO strategies today is necessary because every potential customer uses search engines like Google, Yahoo! Or Bing to discover information about products they would like to buy. But at the same time, it is important to realize that SEO is different from traditional marketing strategies in many ways. You, therefore, do not want to leave this to your in-house marketing department as they are likely not to have the skills necessary for its successful implementation. As an SEO agency, we are better placed to do the job for you because we have been doing it for other clients across the industries with great success. We are therefore not only knowledgeable SEO professionals but also have extensive experience.

The need for implementing SEO properly cannot be stressed enough. If currently, your business website is not ranking on Google or other major search engines like Bing or Yahoo, you can only rely on proven search optimization strategies to change that. Using your resources on the wrong strategy as far as this form of online marketing is concerned doesn’t achieve anything. Even where you have some rankings already, you can easily lose them or even worse get your site banned completely never to appear in organic search results. That’s why you don’t just hire any agency that claims great results not unless they have evidence of such. You are already reading on this page because we have been able to successfully optimize it to rank at the top of the SERPs. If we can achieve this for our site in a highly competitive field, then we are simply the best choice of  SEO company – especially because we will get you to the top of the search engine rankings on Google.  Of course, we have been helping many small business owners to reach the first page on Google, hit the top spot and go on to become highly profitable in their niches. They can all confirm that our SEO services are effective and achieve tangible results.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Organic search optimization increases the visibility of your website for search engines to include it in search results pages. You need to rank for all lucrative keywords used by searchers in your niche. That’s how you can increase the numbers of visitors to your business site. This type of marketing, unlike a traditional one, attracts a highly targeted audience, so the visitors are more likely to turn to leads and then can become loyal customers. Every business has to do this to remain relevant online and make the profits. If you fail to implement an SEO strategy, and a sound one for that matter, you only allow competitors to have a field day. Organic search results usually win more trust from web users than paid search ads or pay per click (PPC) advertising. People naturally avoid ads but are always drawn to informative content. Considering most people want to search for whatever they want to know about online even if they have to buy it later offline, it makes sense to go for the top ranked organic search results.

We are the SEO experts unlike many other people dabbling in this area with no pragmatic approaches that can deliver results. One of the things we check is whether your website is search engine friendly, to begin with. Great usability is an important ranking factor on Google because the site is meant for users even before search engines are considered. Nowadays it also has to be mobile-friendly, so we highly recommend a responsive design so that it can normally function and display content on every device regardless of the technology platform. Most importantly great content is a must. Content is King, so we do a thorough keyword research informed by market research and competitor analysis. Targeting the right keywords helps drive more traffic, taking into account which lucrative keywords your competitors are or not taking advantage of.

Our SEO strategy implementation proposal with therefore provide blueprint needed to help you achieve success with your online business. Like most companies in downtown Los Angeles, we know what works for organic search marketing and what doesn’t work too. Building high-quality links is also one of the most important factors! We make sure these are do follow links and they come from sources that are highly credible. Links from spamming sites and black hat SEO tricks used by some firms cannot work for anyone. Everything we do must also be relevant to the needs of your business, so we customize the strategy for your brand. Social media management for branding and reputation management is also an area that can’t be ignored considering its potential today. Your presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest also does boost rankings. SEO consultants that have our level of experience working for you can lead to great results that last long to make your business prosperous. Proper implementation of the strategy is what matters, so contact us to show you the roadmap to success.

How Much Should You Invest In Search Marketing?

Pricing in SEO takes into account many factors. The price can only be quoted once all the requirements have been identified. It could depend on things like your niche, current link profile, and organic search rankings. The most important thing is to consider the cost investment. Allow adequate budget so that every activity in the priority list can be implemented to realize tangible results. A very small budget may fail to make any impact on your rankings, so, in that case, it is important to postpone the process until more resources are available. SEO as a continuous process requires adequate budget allocations, but it’s still one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing strategies unlike PPC type of search marketing.

Professional SEO Services

The experience and knowledge specialist SEO providers earn over time working for business owners with different requirements cannot be matched by in-house IT or marketing teams. We earn each opportunity to work for a new client because the clients already served are happy. Without great testimonials from our existing customers and their continued reliance on our services, we wouldn’t be in business anymore. So we have always achieved results, and that’s what we can promise to you as a business owner. Contact us today and let us study your business so that we may design the best SEO service.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Exclusive Video: We Reveal One Of Our Clients & Their SEO Results!

(actual video below)

What a year it has been for Zero Limit Web so far! Besides our own rankings (i.e. #1 for ‘seo consultant los angeles’), we have been absolutely rocking it for our SEO clients. We can hardly keep up with all the inquires from referrals and web visitors alike.

It’s simple: If an SEO company cannot show you their #1 rankings, do not work with them!

A question we always seem to get is “How do I know you will deliver? What guarantees can you give me?”.  We particularly like this question, because it’s an opportunity to set ourselves apart from our “competition” out there.

You see, unlike most SEO companies, we are happy to show you the results we’ve been able to achieve. It would be easy for us to just show off ZeroLimitWeb.com rankings and continue on our way. However, we’re not satisfied with that, and we want to take it one step further. It’s simple: If an SEO company cannot show you their #1 rankings, do not work with them!

In fact, I just got off the phone with one of our clients, who happens to be a moving company. He just told me he has to purchase more trucks to keep up with all the new business and phone calls they have been receiving lately. Let me tell you – nothing makes us happier than to receive phone calls like that.

At the end of the day we are happiest because we help businesses reach their potential through targeting their customers FIRST. This isn’t a billboard in the middle of Hollywood, this isn’t an ad placed in your local paper. We get you in front of the people typing in your product or service into Google. Think about the power behind that vs. a normal advertising campaign, tv commercial, or print ad.

So here we give you our exclusive client reveal: Results achieved from an ACTUAL SEO client of Zero Limit Web’s, shown LIVE on video. Nothing but 100% proof. I don’t want our clients to have any doubt whatsoever about our services. There’s a reason we are on top of the search for SEO in Los Angeles — but there’s also a reason that our clients are seeing more new business than some of them can even handle.

What do you have to lose?
Fill out our discovery form, and receive a free video made just for you. We will go over an SEO strategy for your business, and show you the exact customer traffic you can expect to receive from an SEO campaign. We create real partnerships with our clients, and that’s exactly how we win: Together.

-Cliff Sarcona
Lead Strategist, Zero Limit Web

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Website Conversion: It’s Everything

Like football, website conversion requires a healthy balance of strategy, material and technique. You might have what you think is the perfect blend of marketing efforts, but if those efforts do not result in conversion, there’s a problem. If you have a solid SEO and digital marketing campaign sending traffic targeted traffic to your website, but you still aren’t getting the results that you expect and need, your website might be to blame. Nobody knows your business better than you. You’re not receiving calls; people aren’t filling out your contact form, so chances are, your website isn’t providing value, isn’t appealing to your visitors or a combination of the two.

Consider the following questions to help you improve your website and increase your leads:

Strategy: Your game play

When it comes to researching the problem with conversions and finding solutions, consider developing or revising your web strategy. As KissMetrics suggests, “strategy turns weakness into strength.” Make sure you have a digital marketing strategy in place. And as your business grows, always be sure to test and refine your strategy. Never stop testing and analyzing!

Are you monitoring your traffic?

If you have a website, you should know how that site is performing and how it is impacting your business. Web Analysis and reporting will tell you a lot about why you’re struggling with conversion. You can use free tools like Google Analytics to get a better sense of your overall traffic health.

Do you know what your key traffic sources are?

Once you have some analytic and reporting in place, you can get a better understanding of where your web traffic is coming from. If you are engaged in a digital marketing campaign, your marketing provider should be supplying you with detailed reports and analysis on important factors related to traffic such as traffic sources, clicks, time on site and click through rate and bounce rate (more on this on our next blog post!). You should be using these reports do conduct data-driven decision making, so that you can track, measure, refine and improve your performance online.

Do you know how many visitors are going to your site each month?

If you aren’t currently invested in a digital marketing campaign, you should be. Driving traffic to your website is a critical component of business growth. And with over 65% of web traffic coming from mobile phones, you want to make sure that you know your numbers! If you have questions about digital marketing campaigns or want to understand key metrics related to your website, just give us a call.

Do you know what your conversion rate is?

If you don’t know how your website is translating into leads and sales, you’re missing the point of your website! A better understanding of what serves a purpose and what needs to be improved will help you develop processes that deliver results, improve and increase your web traffic. Use your conversation rate to hypothesize what issues your visitors might be experiencing and test new material and techniques that will boost activity and engagement on your website.

how to increase website conversion


Materials: Going beyond content

It is critical that you know what role your website plays in your business. Make sure your website has all the materials it needs to succeed: great content, substantial value, and a space that is welcoming, engaging and easy to navigate.

What value does your website offer its visitors?

The relationship between your visitor and your website shouldn’t be one sided. You want to not only encourage that potential lead to contact you, but you should also want to reward them for spending the time and taking the effort. The more value you can provide them, the more they will click and potentially convert into business. Clearly stating that you offer free consultations and giving them clear access to that offer is great, but what about adding the actual value of that consultation by stating the monetary value? (save $250) (giving away $250) Pair that stated value with a tangible one like a tip sheet, or a free report or mini eBook and you’ve increased that perceived value tremendously, and given your prospect even more motivation to do business with you because you’ve increased credibility and provided value before they’ve even picked up the phone to call you!

What kind of language are you using to describe your products and services?

It is important that you have active, relevant on-page language and content. Make sure that your language is clear, concise and easy to understand.
That last thing you want is a lost, fatigued or confused web visitor. Your site visitors should know who you are, what you do, what you provide and how to access it right away.

Do you have a face to go with your business name?

Consider adding photos of your staff, the CEO. Make your business more human. Even better, add videos that give your potential customers insight into who you are and what you’re all about.

How do they get a hold of you or your team?

Don’t assume that people know how and where to reach you. Make sure that your contact information is visible throughout your website. If possible, include a live chat feature on your site where your potential customers can ask questions and make appointments directly from their desk or mobile. Accessibility helps build report and trust.

Technique: Design, look and feel

Once you have al the right materials situated, the next step is determining how to use them most effectively. Consider the functionality of your website. You want to make sure all of the material is easy to find, easy to understand and has a direct path to you, your product or your services. They should be able to read and interact with ease, so make sure you have a mobile-friendly, responsive and modern design.

Is your offer clear?

Never assume people know what they are going to get from doing business with you. No one knows your business better than you. It is important that people know what you provide and how you’ll help solve their problem better than anyone else. Make sure you are using consistent tone, language and branding.

Do they have a good sense of where to go, what click and what to do?

Again, it is important that you don’t assume that visitors to your website know where to go to find what they need, or how to get it from your website. Whether it is incorporating the appropriate color scheme, font and button size, links or page styles, always keep the visitor in mind.

Do you have a visible call to action?

If you want your web visitors to take the next step in doing business with you, there needs to be clear content and intentional design directing them to take that action. Don’t assume that people know what to do once they get to your website. Make it easy for them by creating clear steps and options to engage with you. Some examples of clear calls to action are: “Call Us Now”, “Subscribe for More,” “Get a Quote,” “Ask Us” and “Get Your Free Consultation.” Actions should stand out on the page whether that be with contrasting or complimentary color, shape, size or all of the above.

Are you making yourself accessible to your visitors?

Your site visitors shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get to you or your products. The more people have to click or scroll to find or get what they need; the less likely they are going to contact you or give you their business. If you don’t have clear paths for them to connect or purchase chances are, they’ll lose interest, and take their business elsewhere. If you have a contact form or a landing page that takes your visitors to the next phase of your funnel, provide that form on every page, and keep it simple: name + email. This makes it easy for them, and easy for you to contact them for immediate follow-up.

Taking action on these simple questions will no doubt have a huge impact on conversion. If you’re having trouble identifying or fixing any of these issues, give us a call. Zero Limit Web has over 15 years of Web Development expertise. We can provide you with a FREE, over-the-shoulder analysis of your website. Insight from a professional will help you get a better understanding of what is causing people to leave, and develop a website that will get them to stay.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Part 3: Social Media Marketing: A Better Alternative To SEO?

No matter where you are in your business stage: caterpillar, cocoon, or full grown butterfly, it is critical that you allocate funds in your budget for marketing. If you’re not invested in taking your business to the next level, then you aren’t serious about your business! People won’t know about all the incredible things you have to offer unless you reach them and tell them. And one way to jump start those communication channels is through Social Ads.

“Another HUGE difference is that Facebook Ads are visual! They allow you to include vibrant photos/videos that catch the attention of your potential buyers and tell a story about your business, as opposed to just a sentence or two on top of the search engine results.”

One of the ways that Google Ads and Facebook Ads differ is you can get started with Facebook Ads, and begin to benefit from new traffic for a much smaller budget (to start). And, unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads are integrated into NewsFeeds, as well as on-page placement. With Facebook Ads, you aren’t paying for placement, you’re paying for a duration. Another huge difference is that Facebook Ads are visual! They allow you to include vibrant photos and videos that catch the attention of your potential buyers and tell a story about your business, as opposed to just a sentence or two on top of the search engine results. Another has the capacity to “learn” and “understand” who your target audience is, and actually works on your behalf to refine and retarget that audience maximizing visibility, brand recognition, and brand awareness. Speaking of retargeting, have you ever visited a website and then find their ads popping up every place you visit on the web, including Facebook!? That’s something call “retargeting”. The way it works is, a “pixel” is created and embedded and then tracks visitors. Yet Another powerful advantage to harnessing the power of Facebook in your Search Engine Strategy.

“Facebook provides a wealth of data that allows for highly targeted, niche and consumer-specific marketing.”

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most powerful tools on the web. With over 934 million daily users, 1.59 billion monthly users, and 1.44 billion mobile users, Facebook has an incredible amount of untapped potential for businesses. And while their frequent and unannounced algorithm changes bring endless frustration to social media managers and digital marketers, Facebook is a platform that will soon be essential to business growth and visibility. Facebook provides a wealth of data that allows for highly targeted, niche and consumer-specific marketing. From their redesigned Ad Platform Power Editor to their brand new mobile storytelling tool for brands and businesses, you can’t afford not to take advantage of these tools to optimize business growth, lead generation, traffic, and engagement.

Zero Limit Web can help you plan, design, and execute an manage your Facebook Ad campaign, install re-targeting pixels on your website and provide you with comprehensive analytics and reporting essential for ROI and strategic planning.


Now that you’re in the know, should you choose social media marketing?

When it comes to choosing the best Search Engine Strategy for your business, it all comes down to budget.
You want to make sure that you are spending your marketing budget wisely and investing in the strategy that will maximize those dollars. We always recommend starting with an SEO campaign, because it allows your business to have an established position in the search results, and most importantly, customer traffic. And, as we’ve discussed, your position online matters.
Obviously, harnessing the power of a comprehensive Search Engine Strategy will bring you page #1 domination. But, not all businesses have that option.
For those businesses with smaller budgets, start with one strategy. Then, as your business grows, take the next step! If you’re still having trouble deciding which step to make first, consider T.C.R.


What builds trust online? Presence. Value. Access.
If your business holds the top three positions on page one of search engines, more specifically on Google, you earn trust.
If your business provides clear value, solves problems and has high visual appeal (via your website an mobile), you earn trust.
If your business has an active and vibrant presence on social media, you earn trust.
However, if your business lacks these, and relies solely on ads, your business loses trust. Consumers don’t trust paid ads and more often than not, they avoid them. Average searches place more trust in organic rankings than they do in paid positions. And, as soon as you stop paying for Google Ads, you lose trust, because your business is now invisible to searches. And a recent Moz article states that “the cost of SEO is 1/8th the cost of Google Paid Per Click Ads.” Another reason to start with SEO!


“87% of search engine dollars are spent on PPC vs. 11% spent on organic SEO efforts…meaning the strategy that’s over 5x more effective {SEO} is only receiving 1/8 of the media spend…It’s hard to justify the expense of a PPC campaign, knowing that SEO is more successful and the over better longterm value” (NMC).

Quick and easy always comes at an extra cost. Taking a quick and easy route like paid ads isn’t going to give your business long term visibility or exposure. It certainly can if you are willing to commit to an ongoing PPC budget. Why not spend your budget on a marketing method that is sustainable, and delegate some extra funds for an Ad campaign when you really need an extra boost? A recent study shows that “87% of search engine dollars are spent on PPC vs. 11% spent on organic SEO efforts…meaning the strategy that’s over 5x more effective {SEO} is only receiving 1/8 of the media spend…It’s hard to justify the expense of a PPC campaign, knowing that SEO is more successful and the over better longterm value” (NMC). Ads should always run in tandem to an SEO campaign, not in place of them. However, if you are a Brick and Mortar, or if you have clients and customers who engage you on a regular basis, you should strongly consider coupling your SEO campaign with Social Media Marketing.


Are you in it for the long haul, or are you just looking for instant gratification? Organic ranking takes time. It is part of business growth. If you want your business to have sustainable, long-term visibility, then you’re going to want to start with an SEO campaign and get visible on your social networks. If you want a quick fix, then invest in Google Ads. But remember, you can always have SEO and harness the power of Google Ads when you need a spike in traffic such as a special sale, a new product launch, an event or special product promotion or new service. When used strategically and in tandem, PPC ads will provide you with traffic results. When Ads supplement your overall digital marketing strategy, you gain long term and short term results both working in your favor. Things like Facebook ads fuel your brand awareness and engagement, as well as provide traffic to and from your website and can be used for long-term as well as short-term marketing.

  1. Ready to get started on a sustainable digital marketing campaign for your business?

  2. Do you want sustainable results and a MAJOR increase in visibility?

  3. Is your website in need of a serious modern and mobile-friendly makeover?

  4. Do you want to get started on a Social Media Marketing Strategy so that you can actually engage with your customers?

Thank you for reading our 3-part series on PPC (i.e. Adwords) vs Organic SEO. We sincerely hope you learned a lot.

We are here for you! Give us call today and speak with one of our Digital Growth Experts.
We’ll provide you with a free web analysis, and identify and implement Search Engine Strategies that meet your unique business needs.
We look forward to learning more about you and your business!

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Are Google Adwords and PPC Worth The Investment?

We often get calls from potential customers looking for us to launch and manage Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. While we are more than willing and able to fulfill this work, we make it a point to have a conversation with our potential and existing clients about paid ads, laying out all the pro’s and cons. Much like a Nutritional Value table indicates what you can expect from consuming fast food, we at Zero Limit Web transparency, longevity and sustainability are critical to us— we want to make sure you know what you’re in for.

What is a PPC/Paid Ad campaign?

Much like traditional ad spend in newspapers, magazines, fliers and brochures, any business can pay to have their website strategically placed in the keyword search results.
PPC campaigns revolve around the cost per click and the bid for the keywords regarding the niche of your business. For example, a particular keyword or phrase for your niche might have a suggested bid of $11.27. In order to get page one placement (whether that be top, right or bottom of page one) for your business, you need to outbid the “suggested” amount by at least double, and then pay that amount every time that someone clicks on your ad. And then pay for those clicks for a specific duration of time, budget dependent. As you can imagine, those costs quickly add up.

“In fact, as of February 2016, Google has completely eliminated the sidebar Ads, making the coveted top 3 Ads highly competitive, and you guessed it: More expensive per click”

If you’re website is stuck in the search result trenches, you can buy your way out via the great “paid ad” escape. Why make your business suffer when you can just spend your way to get to the top? PPC campaigns provide instant gratification with immediate results in the form of paid ad placement. Where the ads are located is based on several determining factors, including cost. It is the quickest and easiest way to get to the top of the search results, however as discussed above, they can also be the most expensive. In fact, as of February 2016, Google has completely eliminated the sidebar Google Ads, making the coveted top 3 Paid Ads highly competitive, and you guessed it: More Expensive.

Using PPC to Power Up Your SEO

While some new studies suggest that Paid Ads might help with CTR those same studies indicate that the bulk of an SEO campaign is pent on those Ads and, in order for CTR to benefit from ads, location, frequency, niche and ad spend play a critical role in the propensity of clicks and time spent on the website. Meaning, the more you can pay for the ad, and the longer you can pay for the ad determines the success of the ad. And, unlike organic rankings, once you stop paying for the ad campaign, you lose rankings because you haven’t invested in sustainable results. According to Moz, “For every one click on a paid search result, the organic results generate 8.5 clicks.” Despite the arrangement or placement of paid ads on page one, and the potential site retention or CTR, organic results still fair better and remain more trusted by searchers than paid ads.

“For every one click on a paid search result, the organic results generate 8.5 clicks.”

In addition to cost, in order for Paid Ads to be successful, they require a fair amount of consistent hands-on management and expertise. A budget must be established, a duration of the ad’s campaign should be determined, bids for placement must be won, content, keywords, and a converting website are all key factors, not to mention a knowledgeable and dedicated human to monitor and move the campaign along.

As food comparisons go, think of PPC as the expensive fast-food of SES: It satisfies the craving but doesn’t satisfy the rankings. You’ll spend the money, and see temporary results, but when the money for the ads run out, your rankings and traffic go with it.

The One-Two PPC/Organic Combo




If you truly want to establish your presence online, maximize your budget, gain organic rankings, and attract and retain the attention of searchers (your prospects) you want a well-balanced SES comprised of both organic and paid campaigns. In digital marketing, you can have the best of both worlds—allowing you to simultaneously enjoy the benefits of organic rankings and paid ads.

“When you set aside your budget for marketing, consider allocating the majority of your funds for an ongoing SEO campaign that builds trust, strengthens your brand and secures your position in the rankings.”

This is where strategy is of utmost importance. When you set aside your budget for marketing, consider allocating the majority of your funds for an ongoing SEO campaign that builds trust, strengthens your brand and secures your position in the rankings. The remainder of the budget can be set aside for paid ad campaigns on a need basis. Some examples of this would be for a tailored, limited-time campaigns like planned events, fundraisers, product launches, or a sale or clearance, or anytime your business, products or services need a little “boost.”

Last week our blog post discussed Part 1: Organic SEO vs PPC – and this week we dove deep into PPC concepts in that context.  Finding that perfect balance could be time-consuming, even cumbersome for a small business owner or limited-capacity marketing team.

Next Week – Part 3: The Strategy Perfected

So what should you do? Which route should you take? What about that bonus Search Engine Strategy?
We’ll let our years of experience in the field answer all of those questions in Part 3, so stay tuned…

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